As we launch this newly formatted website, we will start adding meeting recap blogs written by various members.   This first post was written by Brittany Deaton (The Gwinnett Center).

What another wonderful meeting with our GAPTA family.  This week, we were able to discuss the INTIX conference that took place in Denver.  It was a great way for everyone to expand their knowledge about the ticketing world even if they weren’t able to attend the conference.  Some topics included ways to protect ourselves against fraud and ways to reward our customers through gamification. An example of rewarding customers through gamification is the Starbucks punch card.  It encourages patrons to return to your business by rewarding them after they’ve purchased from your company a number of times.

After our in depth discussion (and an amazing brunch) we were all able to have a little more fun.  We all marched down to center ice and were able to see who had the best slap shot.  Needless to say, all of us will not be joining the Gwinnett Gladiators any time soon!  On top of it all we were all able to socialize with each other and continue to expand our professional network.  There is someone new to meet at every meeting, and there is always an opportunity to grow.  We hope you enjoyed your time and hope to see you next meeting!

Thank you Brittany for being the first “member blogger” and sharing your “take away” from the meeting with us.   In other news please check your inboxes for a short member survey (10 questions) along with a couple of discount offers for upcoming shows around the area.     Our next member meeting is scheduled for March 18th and we are still looking for a venue to host the meeting.  If your organization is willing to host please let us know and a board member will reach out to you.

Have a great day!


GaPTA meeting agenda 15-01-21 The Gwinnett Center


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