Interesting in contributing to GaPTA? Join one of our committees.

Social Media Committee

The purpose of this committee is to evaluate the different social media platforms (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc) and determine which are beneficial to both GaPTA and its members. After these have been identified, the content to be posted and a schedule for posting will be determined and fulfilled by the committee members.

Education Committee

GAPTA is looking for volunteers to join our Education committee. The Education Committee will be the masterminds behind the continued education conversations at our meetings. We are looking for creative thinkers who want to engage deeper with GAPTA.

Outreach Membership Committee

  • The membership committee monitors all aspects of membership recruitment and retention. This includes
  • Increasing membership: Use innovative ways to increase GAPTA’s membership base. Also, research new ticketing professionals in the area to invite into the organization.
  • Keeping members informed: Make recommendations to the GAPTA Board on ways to make prospective and current members aware of the membership benefits of the organization.
  • Welcoming new members: Acknowledge new members and encourage participation in GAPTA meetings and social activities.
  • Membership service: Gather information to help the GAPTA Board identify the needs of members, and recommend the development of services to meet those needs.

Website Committee

The purpose of the Website committee is to help write interesting blogs about industry trends. This committee is in charge of keeping information on the website up to date as possible.

Parties / Social  Committee
The GaPTA Social committee is looking for creative individuals with fun and new ideas. Plans would include gathering and preparing information while meeting various needs for possible upcoming GaPTA social events/parties. The committee is in charge of enhancing the social experiences of the GaPTA members by helping plan great events.

Scholarship Committee
Develop a conference evaluation template (or form), first pass screening of scholarship applicants,  provide recommendations (or votes) to the board.